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Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch

Corpus Christi, Texas (Nueces County)

2001 Fall Watch
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Greetings from the hill! 

These are bittersweet times. The end of another hawk watch approaches; just three more days until the Fall 2001 watch falls into the history books. The daily counters are no doubt ready to get a real life back once again (come on, admit it, you're going to miss all those wonderful hilltop experiences, like dodging mosquitoes the size of B52's; those wonderful rain squalls that no one can predict or hide the gear from; running to see the last view of a raptor (or kettle) disappearing behind the trees, only to run into the south Texas version of punji sticks, better known as sticker burr clusters; trying to see ANYTHING in clear blue skies that go on forever). Those of us who gather on the hill in an extended-family-reunion during watch will miss those days (well, maybe not the sticker burrs and fried eyeballs), and will miss seeing our extended families until another watch goes on line. Even the hawks have slowed their pace (shoot, most are going the wrong way anyway these days; they're even more confused than we are). Most hawks now are on their southernmost wintering grounds. The few species still on the road (so to speak) are making their way down as weather and time allow (weather ain't allowing for much ... winter? Not so's you'd notice down here ... definitions of a front this fall are taking on new descriptions. More like a "back" these days). 

So we came together towards end of watch this past Sunday to join once again in our own version of an early Thanksgiving feast (hey, you guys know we're always eating something on the hill, and it usually has chocolate in the name somewhere, although those kebobs were incredibly good without the chocolate sauce. Libby and Brock, you're hired hereafterevermore as the official caterers of the Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch). We shared fellowship (and shared, with a little arm wrestling, those incredible handmade brownies Glenn Swartz was kind enough to bring. And he didn't even lose any finger parts this year before the tray hit the table). Matter of fact, we shared so much fellowship that we all completely forgot about getting Sunday's hawk count numbers together for posting. Oooops. Sorry 'bout that, but hey, I think we saw more locals than migrants anyway ... <g>). 

I've posted some more pages of photos from the Fall 2001 watch, including the last two days of the Celebration of Flight featuring Last Chance, Forever raptor conservancy, and the blessing ceremony of the Corpus Christi Native American Association). Feel free to browse, as I'm also posting some images from Sunday's gathering as well ... sorry, the brownies are all gone (they were delicious!). 

Moving onward ... we're looking to the future which now has a hawk watch platform in it for the Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch, thanks to the untiring efforts of watch coordinator Joel Simon to promote and develop the project and the Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries for authorizing a grant to establish a viewing platform for the watch. Preliminary architectural sketches revealed a unique but functional nautilus-like design of an earthen bermed platform that will coil and rise around 20 feet above the current watch site, allowing for unimpeded views over treetops for both spring and fall watches. After reviewing the construction time tables and shopping lists for the remainder of the finish work, we spent the rest of the day trying to figure out a name for the thing. Feel free to submit your suggestions and I'll try to get a copy of the sketch to put on the web site shortly. Preliminary name suggestions included Mount Hazel, Mount Chocolate (very appropriate), the Raptor Roost, Stairway to Heaven (I think that name's been taken already) ... you get the idea. Feel free to join the fun!

Meanwhile ... keep your eyes to the skies ... 

BV 3
TV 3
RT 1
total 7

zero (rained out after 2pm)

zero (rained out after 2pm)

Season Totals:

227......Black vulture
4861.....Turkey vulture
37 ......Swallow-tailed kite
2 .......White-tailed kite
10154 ...Mississippi kite
2 .......Bald eagle (imm 9/24)(imm 10/1)
160......Northern harrier
700......Sharp-shinned hawk
470......Cooper's hawk
45.......Red-shouldered hawk
861998...Broad-winged hawk
14257....Swainson's hawk (RM 10/29)
97.......Red-tailed hawk
1 .......Ferruginous hawk
7 .......White-tailed hawk
1 .......Zone-tailed hawk (9/30)
14 ......Harris's hawk
1 .......Golden eagle
295......American kestrel
113......Peregrine falcon
7 .......Prairie falcon
20.......Crested caracara
297......Unknown accipter
368......Unknown buteo
41.......Unknown falcon
837......Unknown raptor
895,153 Season Totals through 11/15 

Watch Coordinator: Joel Simon (watch coordinator)
Fall counters: Devin Taylor (California); Greg Greene (Arizona); Karen Johnson (Pennsylvania)
Education Director: Roland Zoer (Holland)

Fall 2001 watch sponsors: 

The Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch is operated by Hawk Watch International and the Audubon Outdoor Club of Corpus Christi.  In addition to these organizations, funding and support for this project is provided by the Houston Endowment, Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund, Margaret Cullinan Wray Charitable Trust, the Trull Foundation, and the Kerr Foundation, Northwest Business Association, Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau, Nature's Bird Center of Corpus Christi, H.E.B, The Home Depot, Equistar Chemicals LP, Comfort Inn, Tejas Veterinary Clinic, Haynes Realty, Charter Bank, Nature's Bird Center, and donations made in the memory of Richard W. Waits. 

A special thanks to the Nueces County Parks and Recreation Department and their staff at Hazel Bazemore Park for providing such a magnificent place to watch hawks.

And a very special thank you to the Conrad Blucher Institute, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi for providing server space for web space for our 2001 web site!

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