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1995 Texas Coastal Bend Fall Hawkwatch

Each fall, Corpus Christi witnesses one of America's greatest wildlife migrations.. This photograph shows over 400 Broad-winged Hawks out of a flight of over 12,000 at Hazel Bazemore County Park. Observers at the park are able to witness a spectacular sight of hawks, falcons, eagles, kites, and vultures from mid-August to mid-October

Over one million birds of prey from throughout the United States and Canada pass through the Coastal Bend region en route to their winter home in Central and South America. The narrow funnel of South Texas acts as a geographic chokepoint. An observer can see more migrating birds of prey in one day here than at most other U.S. locations in an entire season.

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Background on the hawkwatch
How you can help
Records from previous counts
Information on Corpus Christi
Information on Hazel Bazemore County Park
This section for the 1995 Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch was originally prepared by Dr. Hugh Carter Whatley. It remains in its original form as our lasting tribute to him and the many contributions he made to the Corpus Christi/Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch, as well as a marker of the first web site for the Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch on the still-young World Wide Web.