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61. 2008 January assignment for February meeting:

It's getting close to hearts and flowers month again, and we just love to showcase love! As an added bonus, 2008 is also a leap year, so our photographers have two targets to choose from (we hope you'll do a little of both!).

Bring your ten best images to the meeting, and let us know what you did to get those shots by including EXIF information with each photo.

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Meeting notes for January 2008 Valentine's Day - Leap Year assignment:

The January meeting of the Digital Camera SIG met at the Central Library on January 19, with 14 persons present, including several visitors for the first time.

Our leader, Patty Beasley, had organized the meeting to give Ben Luna up to an hour to make a presentation on HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. Ben prefaced his talk by showing several of his own photos prepared using HDR technique; these demonstrated the more extensive tonal range. During his talk he described the difference between HDR and routine photography “ going on vacation, taking a picture, and leaving two-thirds of the photo behind….” The camera does not have the perception of the human eye and, therefore, does not capture the complete scene detail. For HDR, the camera’s bracketing feature will take three to five photos at different shutter speeds (by adjusting Exposure Compensation levels 2 to 3 points each side of a center value.) The multiple exposures are processed either in Photoshop CS2 or CS3, or special software such as Photomatix. (Photomatix is available online for free trial.) Ben graciously provided a 15-page printed outline of his presentation.

Almost needless to say, we are enthusiastic about our using the HDR technique. Our assignment for the March meeting will be to present one HDR photo.

The assignment for February was to present photos relating to Valentine, Leap Year or Groundhog Day. Four of us struggled with the subject and were able to provide somewhat relevant interpretations:

Patty Beasley - Her presentation was titled, Valentine’s Day - Love, with photos of Disney Dolls and red heart-shaped candles lit. There was Mickey in a crown, Love is in the Air; bright lit candles, Love is in the air; the little skunks, Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn; the green and yellow fogs, Your pad or mine?; the squirrels, I’m just nuts about you!; puppy couple at the beach, Puppy Love; Love bugs, on a blanket with ants; Cardinals, Love Birds; and apt conclusion, Patty and husband Bill in real love kiss, More Love Birds, Patty and Bill’s 23d Wedding Anniversary - February 16.

Bill Draper - His PowerPoint title page had a floral Valentine; a placard I LOVE YOU, with three hearts hanging from it; a colorful Valentine tree mirrored; candy box heart against grained-wood background; wood desk background with small candy heart boxes, cards, and photos of great grandkids; colorful coleus plant, heart-shaped leaves; stark white large petunia against background of dark green leaves; and Padre Island shots of great white heron with neck angled; and early morning waterfront scene.

Eve Kerr - Beautiful Golden Retriever (?) saw his shadow on the wet sand; dog and his master casting long shadows; unique shadow of basket ball stand and hoop; shadow of couple with silhouette appearance; a bare tree limbs making an intricate shadow; chain fence with short posts casting line of shadows, with the drooping chain connecting them.

D. B. Kline - copy of photo of groundhog with automatic weapon, a bandoleer of ammo over his shoulder; gopher holes; photos of mounted horsemen, wagons, stage coaches, etc., captured from auto of Corpus Christi to San Antonio Annual Trail Ride.

Bill Draper presented a slide show of the christening of John Hoffmann’s grandson in 2004, some photos showing water flow from the child’s head.

Next meeting: March 18, 2008, 6:30 PM, at the Central Library on Comanche Street. The assignment: One HDR photo

For the scribe: Bill Draper 


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