Photo assignment:

59. Corpus Christi Area Photo Album Project - Part II

August and September and October assignments continuing our Corpus Christi / Greater Corpus Christi special assignment will be shown. Also start thinking about a logo we can use for the final presentation. Monday's Dual-SIG meeting is a good time to take advantage of the Graphics SIG talent base! In the meantime, a refresher of our on-going special assignment:

Take pictures of CORPUS CHRISTI/GREATER CORPUS CHRISTI. We will compile all the photos-don’t worry if some people take the same pictures. If we have a little luck, we can make a photo journal or Brochure about Corpus Christi. Once the first set of assignment pictures are screened, we can call for archive pictures from everyone’s file. If the result is super great, we can get some DIGICAM club recognition. Of course this whole effort might go bust. It is worth a try. Take lots of pictures and good luck.

Bring your ten best images to the meeting, and let us know what you did to get those shots by including EXIF information with each photo.

To view the assignment results, just click the button below!

Digital Camera SIG Meeting, November 20 meeting notes for final submissions of fall 2007 Corpus Christi Area Photo Album assignment:

in progress 


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