Photo assignment:

57. Household items!

At first glance, this may seem to be either incredibly boring or overwhelming. But isn't that the idea of photography? To capture reality, and in the process, hopefully present the imagery in new and different lights. Look around your house; by the time you start shooting everyday household items, the images won't be so everyday. Positioning and composition, lighting, all the tools come to bear here ... let your imaginations run free!

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, August meeting notes for July 2007 HOUSEHOLD ITEMS assignment:

Nine DIGICAM regulars and one guest showed up to view their photos of HOUSEHOLD items. What a list – some duplicates here. You may have to use your imagination.

Redneck fire extinguisher
Sticky bug (spider) trap
Cup full of beer can pull off tops
Feather duster
Dust mop
House ornament
Three cats
Decorator flowers
Copy of Photoshop CS2/with reading glasses on top
Coffee mug –“GRANDPA”
Tooth brush
Overhead fan w/light-some real nice shadows
Soapy water going down the kitchen drain-WOW!
Clothes rack with garments-waiting for ironing
Many hats on a hat rack/hanger
Clothes hamper
Washing machine-tumbler view
Mop-nice and dirty
More cats
Organ key board
Magazine rack
Coffee cup full of pencils
Spice jars
Stripped soda straws from end-really neat
PC screen plus book case
Coffee mug full of pens/pencils
Refrigerator w/ pictures & magnets
Dish washer
Kitchen clock
Medicine display
Bathroom articles

The unofficial honorable mention goes to Ken Parsons (this guy photographed his pet rock once) for his photos and bubble captions of vacuum cleaners. There was a small hand vac eyeballing a dust pan. Then there was a garage vacuum fighting with a Hoover type upright vacuum cleaner. Finally there was three upright vacuum cleaners in a big brouhaha. Of course the title for these photos was – THIS ASSIGNMENT REALLY SUCKS. Very creative and clever Ken – thanks.

We also enjoyed several special showings. First Eve Kerr showed her photos of the cruise ship Sea Diamond. The ship sank off the coast of Greece. About 1500 people were evacuated. What a bunch of unusual pictures. The Kerrs had to reoutfit prior to resuming their tour.

Ben Luna showed us his slide show of Monument Valley. Beautiful sound and sound over music was used. There were about 40 photos which took about 15 minutes to view. Ben says it took about 60 hours to work up the presentation. Ben is indeed a pro when it comes to slide shows.


Take pictures of CORPUS CHRISTI/GREATER CORPUS CHRISTI. We will compile all the photos-don’t worry if some people take the same pictures. If we have a little luck, we can make a photo journal or Brochure about Corpus Christi. Once the first set of assignment pictures are screened, we can call for archive pictures from everyone’s file. If the result is super great, we can get some DIGICAM club recognition. Of course this whole effort might go bust. It is worth a try. Take lots of pictures and good luck.

Repeating the next assignment (to be shown in our September meeting)-

Photos viewed in Sep meeting as a basis for the first draft of brochure
get Corpus type picture from ones files and add to draft
If necessary take a few more selected pictures – add to brochure draft
Final editing of our Corpus “document”. Distribute if OK
This project may take a few months to complete-hang in there

For the scribe
John Hoffmann


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