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55. Backlight! This assignment carries forward the past few months' lessons in lighting. From flash to natural to studio, we've gone over the various methods you can use to light your subjects and environments. Take those lessons and put them to use in showcasing backlit subjects. Be careful, of course, if using the sun for assistance ... don't point your camera directly at the sun! It doesn't like it any more than your eyes do. Sunlight can actually damage the camera and lens systems.

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, June 19, 2007 - meeting notes for May 2007 BACKLIGHT assignment:

We met on June 19 at the Central Library, with a dozen photographers present. We cheered as Patty, just freed from hospital incarceration, arrived a little late with Bill. The assignment was backlighting photos.

In spite of very competent high tech support from Brian Jacobs, with later input from Patty Beasley, the projector refused to work. Finally the bulb blew, and we crowded around a laptop screen to see what we could.

*John Hoffmann - Backlighting scenes included the Bob Hall Pier building, rim effect; diffused early sun on Padre Island outdoor church; backlit leaf translucent with ribs detailed; Beach-to-Bay scenes at sunrise; monster crane, top in clouds, criss-crossed steel illuminated by early sun.

*Patty Beasley - Patty has detailed information, in effect a photo and an art lesson, on each photo. Spotlight effect for a sand dollar and a sea urchin; beautiful Glares and Flares, sea urchin, butterfly, and ebbing poppy; early sunlit sunflower, silvery; a sunset and sunrise backlighting tree and foliage; colorful marbles.

*Bill Draper - forced flash shots: clump of bougainvillea blooms, light filtering through; palm front, gossamer end tassels lit; sunflower, brightly translucent, lines detailed; photos of young people, halo-effect on hair.

*Ben Luna - Epithelium, one with variable light reflections, the other turned white with the light, seed stalk foreground, yellow tint; fishing and shrimp boats catching early sun, water sparkling; sailboats in marina, dozens of masts outlined against the horizon, blotchy sky with water bright to dark gold.

*Bruce Switalla - Sunflower photos, without and with PSP filters; Johnson Grass seed head, sunlight causing rainbow flare; leaf photos, light shining through; a “kicker” photo of his dog, “kicker” indicating light coming slightly from the side to emphasize shape in portraits; baby birds with reflected light for backlighting.

*Ken Parsons - subjects from his travels, fill flashes for his foreground, as when shooting through a window or porthole. His photos are not on line yet, perhaps later.

*Judith Henderson - youths with light coming from side for radiant effect; and more. At her request, her photos were not posted to the web site.

We emphasize that reviewing online presentations offer not only the lift of beautiful things, but valuable lessons for us to go and do likewise.

Next meeting is July 17, 6:30 PM, at the Central Library on Comanche Street. The assignment is Fourth of July - fireworks photos are welcome.

For the Scribe: Bill Draper


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