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54. Junk! One person's junk is another person's treasure, right? Okay, so it's a trite saying, but especially in terms of photography, it's often true. This month's assignment showcases our ability to find junk (what is junk? Trash? Garbage?) and present our discoveries in new lights. Between our shooters' creativity and the creativity of folks who go hands-on with junk, it's a shooter's paradise!

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, May 15, 2007 - meeting notes for April 2007 JUNK assignment:

Eight "regulars" showed up for the May 15 DIGICAM meeting.

The meeting started out with Bill Draper's tutorial on light. The information covered the direction of light (front, flash, side). The subject of BACKLIGHT, and NATURAL light were discussed with pros and cons info for each. Quality of light was also mentioned (hard light/soft light). Got lots of discussion and analysis form attendees.

Bill Draper, absent last meeting, showed his 2007 wildflower photos-that's dedications.

Bruce showed a smorgasbord of pictures that included a close-up of his dog's eyes plus a frog's eyes, a modernistic outdoor photo of the town club dining room, some computer signs, and automobile tail light reflections.

Now to JUNK:

John Hoffmann related junk to Fibber McGees junk closet - 1941 radio program. He also photographed a graveyard (dead junk autos) and some very junk/trashy yards.

Patty had photos of a fence constructed of old bicycles painted white (junk, yes). She showed some art sculpture of a big spider on a scaffold. There was also a junk dinosaur.

Ben Luna's photograph, taken in San Diego, showed a Chinese junk. He had a photo of a once fancy but now worn out clock. Then there was a few graffiti junked up signs.

Bill Draper showed a photo of his garage tools - looks like junk to me.

Bruce found a very large pile (say 30 feet high) of metal scraps - what a junk picture.

The Jacobs got it right when they photographed a pile of junk mail-how appropriate. They also showed some old shrimp boats in total disrepair, equals junk.

We have been working on lighting this year via three presentation. Now it is time to walk the talk. Accordingly, the next DIGICAM monthly assignment/theme is BACKLIGHT. This subject is difficult (I think) and should be interesting. Come see the results at our June meeting.

For the scribe -
John Hoffmann


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