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53. Wildflowers! You already knew that, right? This is our traditional spring challenge for April and May. Thanks to Mother Nature taking pity on us and providing a decent amount of rain through the winter, for a change, the wildflower displays this spring are stacking up to be huge! Get out there and find new angles and new ideas!  

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, April 17, 2007 - meeting notes for March 2007 WILDFLOWERS assignment:

WILDFLOWERS WILDFLOWERS WILDFLOWERS! Year 2007 is the fourth year we have had wildflowers as a theme in April - if you count last year which was not a very good year for wildflowers.

When I was traveling to take wildflower pictures it appeared there was a lack of great bluebonnet fields. Not true as demonstrated at our April 18 showing of wildflowers. Also, there seems to be fields of small winecups - never saw that in previous years.

Patty showed a prickly poppy taking great advantage of morning sun for back light. Hey, has our light presentations taking root?? She also had a photo of an unidentified wildflower found in Riviera TX - has camera, sun glasses and a goatee? Patty photographed bluebonnets in numerous interesting settings from the Willow Loop and other palisades. Another mentionable wildflower photo from Patty was the Giant Spiderwort at Bulverde.

John Hoffmann has wildflowers across the street from his home so cut 'em, vased 'em and did some "studio" shots of Lantanas. Also had a photo of the huge field of Indian Paint brush south of Riviera (other folks showed that area also).

Drew Jacobs has some stellar photos of caterpillars/bees on various wildflowers - one bee was in flight around a pink morning primrose.

DB Kline was not too wild this year but had some outstanding photographs taken at the botanical gardens-orchids, roses, (grandchild?).

Ben Luna showed tradition wildflower photos - bluebonnets, primrose, and Indian Paintbrush. Ben is leading all of us into relating the detail photo information so we can better share our photography thoughts and experiences with others. Thanks, Ben.

Ken Parsons showed a mix of wildflowers - primrose, bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, sunflowers, many of them in the same photo.

A pretty good year for wildflowers.

Bill Draper avoided making his light presentation by being hospitalized for a few days. No deal, Bill - will look forward to your presentation next month.

Get ready. The next monthly photo theme is JUNK. That's right!!! I wonder what the definition of junk is?? Varies I guess. Come to the May 15 meeting and find out.

For the scribe,
John Hoffmann


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