Photo assignment:

51. Circles! From nature to human constructs, circles can be found all around us. See what our photographers discovered when we sent them out looking for them.

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, February 20, 2007 - meeting notes for January 2007 CIRCLES assignment:

We are a thriving group at our new Central Library location.
Fourteen photo enthusiasts showed up for the meeting.

The meeting opened and closed with outstanding presentations.

The initial presentation was a video clip by Nikon showing their wireless flash system using the SB 800 flash/flashes. This is a very profession demonstration using models in a desert background (bright to failing light) and large groups of people from the Las Vegas High School (cheer leading, weight lifting, pep club etc).

The second presentation was titled "I know when it is spring" by our own Ben Luna. Ben used flowers, and birds with amazing picture transitions along with some very nice background music. A very professional piece of work. Thanks, Ben!

In-between presentations  . . . . our Circles assignment . . . .

John Hoffmann showed some bubbles, some travel photos with circles,
and some bicycle riders-lots of circular wheels plus hula hoops.

Bill Draper photographed objects such as a beautifully decorated china plate, a Miller Light sign, a Honda headlight, and a porthole.

Ken Parson's DVD presentation used only a large globe to illustrate circles. He partitioned off globe sections using circles again. The circular parts of the world was shown with added annotation that emphasized historical and pertinent information.

Ben Luna showed a circular painting containing many more circles. He also photographed a globe, some colored buttons which of course had four smaller circular holes to sew through, and finally a round key ring.

Patty Beasley related to Circle of Fun (marbles and gumballs), Circle of Life (round Indian Blanket wildflower, urchins, rock placement to make an Indian Medicine Wheel), Circle of Love (cats), and Circle of Friend (Drew hospitalized with broken arm). She also showed some beautiful sunrise, sunset with is always circular object.

Eve Kerr showed a large, circular overhead iron decorator item which looked super against a paneled ceiling. She also showed auto wheel rims, a metal basketball hoop, a Ferris wheel, and a circular, slightly lit, tail light. She also had an excellent picture of a guitar which was focused on the center hole that was accented by the crossing strings.

Ray Owens showed a lake scene with circular pattern rings spreading out on the water.

Next meeting is Tuesday, March 20th at the Central Library at 6:30 PM. The photograph assignment is ROAD/ROADS. We will also have another presentation on light.

See you there - John Hoffmann


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