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49. Color! - Another one-word assignment that is guaranteed to stretch the old brain cells! We're going to try out some one word interpretive assignments, to stretch everyone's creative muscles even more. Using all the techniques we've learned, design your own theme for the subject!

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, November 21, 2006 - meeting notes:

As usual, the DIGICAMers had a great time at their meeting on Tuesday November 21. The viewing of our assignment, COLOR, was very interesting.

I vaguely remember a fifth grade effort to mix blue and some other color to make a green color. Well, all the color mixing and various color schemes were explained very well in Ken Parsons' DVD presentation I will call COLOR 101. Even grey scale info was discussed. Well done, Ken!

Ben Luna's showed, au-natural, colors by photographing many different flowers.

Bill Draper also used flowers/orchids to show colors. He also photographed some beautifully colored sunsets.

John Hoffmann used the American flag to show red, white, and blue colors. He also showed color for fun (coloring book) and color to emphasize instructions.

Bruce Switalla used many different items to show colors. Included were cereal, embroideries, spider webs (lack of color), tattoos, and berries. Lots of color/colors there.

DB Kline photographed some beautiful purple orchids. He then faded colors using a sepia effect.

Drew Jacobs showed some outstanding colors via Indian regalia. She got a great yellow from a corn cob - being eaten, of course.

Patty Beasley also showed pictures of some beautiful Indian costumes. Then there was a leather hid adorned with beautiful colored decorations. Colors were also shown via portraits. Of course, Patty called upon "her" laboratory setting to show how colorful some of the sea urchins can be.

More colors were brought out in sunsets and various butterfly pictures - really a variety of subjects and setups to get the color of things.

Following all the color show there was the not so colorful sharing of attendee's experiences with their DSLR cameras. Info was shared for Nikon (John), Olympia, (Ben), Canon (Bruce and Ray Owens). We will continue this sharing/instruction in our January meeting.

As usual, there will be no December meeting. However, continue to take lots of pictures. The December assignment subject is CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAYS.

See you in January and have a Merry Christmas!

For the scribe . . .
John Hoffmann


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