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48. Critters! - Just that - critters ... all kinds, all places.   

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, October 17, 2006 - meeting notes:

The Digital Camera SIG met at Park dale Library on October 17 with 11 photographers present. The assignment was Critters, of any species The output was prolific, in both quality and quantity.

*Ben Luna - special thanks, Ben, for including camera settings with each of your photos. It helps us to know how you do what you do, even if we cannot emulate to the pixel. Of special interest was photo of a gecko, celadon with pouch of a delicate orange. He had a squirrel with red bowl, blue background with touches of green, a bluebird, a cardinal, and a dinosaur in the wild.

*Bill Draper - He had honey bees on sunflowers, even lateral views.

*Brian and Drew Jacobs - just turned pro with a new SLR. Cats in cat-poses, buzzards in a field, geese, white pelicans in shimmering water, butterflies, turtle, hummer, alligator, snake, fish, a fox. Those folks learn fast.

*Joan Stephens - The world traveler goes exotica. Land, sea and air critters from Asia, Africa South America and Antarctica Cassowary Bird, Capybara (pig), sheep, elephants, penguins (some associating with Joan), a Yak from Bhutan with colorful harness and trapping. From the Galapagos Islands, such critters as Red Footed Booby and Blue Footed Booby. Nice photography, and colorful.

*Ken Parsons - Ken featured the Carnegie Library in his old home town, displays of insects, and a different species, Ku Klux Klan regalia.

*Patty Beasley - She has a standout photo of monarch butterfly, impeccably detailed, on colorful lantana flowers. Pelican and dolphin feeding together; a bee on beautiful blue day flower; sea urchins, dragonfly on barbed wire; cats; butterflies in the dew; and her loves, spiders, hawks and falcons.

*Bruce Switalla - his photos of squirrels are superb, even to the sheen on their fur; a dragonfly on blurred background, a blue and yellow haze; his German Shepherd lying in the grass, head raised in anticipation; birds; and frogs in action.

*John Hoffmann - dead fish (ugh) from Red Tide in the Gulf; a spider; unusual colorful spider on a leaf, blurred background; wasp on purple flower, contrast; dragon flies; dark butterfly on pink flower; bees.

* DB Kline - DB shot a human? body skeleton, several views, and in his car. Now that's a critter!

Next meeting: 7 PM, Tuesday, November 21 at Parkdale Library. The assignment is Colors - restricted only by your imagination.

For the scribe: Bill Draper


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