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47. Labor Day - What did you do and/or what does Labor Day mean to you? Here's what our members said:   

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, September 19, 2006 - meeting notes:

Ten photographers attended the Digicam SIG at Parkdale Library on September 19. Brian and Drew Jacobs brought their brand new Canon Rebel XTi and were gracious in letting us touch and feel. Congratulations to the Jacobs.

The assignment was photos about Labor Day. Sam Gompers was sure to flinch in his grave at such levity about the Labor Movement. Patty Beasley's decorating of the presentations was cool.

*Patty Waits Beasley - Featuring loafing and eating, one photo of seven hummers jamming the feeder, unbelievable; photos of our friends in convivial indolence; and shots of a shrimp eating contest.

*Bill Draper - Caught boats and things they had in tow as they busied a wide Padre Island Canal, kids towed in a tube, youths in colorful kayaks; a gentleman pulling a cart of ice chest and fishing gear up the ramp at Bob Hall pier.

*Joan Stephens - Joan and friend gave the gambling ship Texas Treasure a whirl. She photographed the big ship, the pilot and auxiliary boat, and the gaudy bus that brought the gamers from town.

*John Hoffmann - Broke in the new Caddy with a trip to Minnesota near the Canadian border, the headwaters of the Mississippi. Gorgeous shots of foliage, lakes foggy on a cool morning, loons and bald eagles, and fish in the clear water; a colorful totem; and awesome sunsets.

*Drew and Brian Jacobs - They shot the holiday at Fort Stockton and Big Bend National Park. The rocks and desolation of the desert set off beautiful skies, desert flowers, and nature's shapes and colors; historic landmarks and the descriptive plaques; colorful hot air balloons being readied for flight and in the air.

Assignment for next meeting is 'Critters,' you imagine.

Next meeting October 17, 7 PM at Parkdale Library

For the scribe,
John Hoffmann


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