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46. eBay - got stuff around the house you just know will be a hit on one of those internet re-seller sites? Let's face it, we all do! One person's trash, after all, is another person's treasure. Our assignment was to set up some goods as if to sell.   

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, August 15, 2006

The Digicam SIG members did their thing at Parkdale Library, Tuesday, August 15.

Buy it on eBay? Why not! To sell something, you most likely want to show your merchandise via pictures. Now that is something we DIGICAMers can do and do well. Our most recent assignment was pictures of possible eBay sales.

John Hoffmann lead off with pictures showing a car for sale (12 pictures in all is recommended.) Then John showed pictures of several collectibles - you would be surprised at what is sold on eBay.

Bill Draper had pictures of a faux Herend cat, a vase, and some Hummel figurines. Bill's guest (daughter Kathy from Virginia) showed a vintage, old fashion washboard and a 1950 Hamilton Beach MixMaster - dings included. WOW!

Joan Stephens showed many Collectibles acquired from travels to several countries. There was marble, jade, inlaid jade, agates, etc. Want to buy a coca leaf bag from Bolivia? - used by Incas. How about a Barbarita mask from Cuba? There were other masks from Guatemala (two faces associated with death), God of Sea mask from Fiji and many other items. Great photography - makes for a great sale I think.

Ken Parsons show portraits using Serigraphs paper and some impressionistic painting using silk screen. Very interesting "technology."

Bruce showed some signs he would sell to organizations. Signs used his Calligraphy photo art work. He also was "selling" a one inch donkey figurine that showed a half inch dust ball. Dust might be free?

Next month's assignment is anything you associate with Labor Day. This might be challenging as this holiday is less defined (photo wise) than many of our other holidays. One might tie in pictures about going back to school and maybe a group get together or a holiday trip. Have at it folks.

Next meeting: September 19 at 7 PM at Parkdale Library.

For the scribe,
John Hoffmann


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