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45. Macros - We just can't get enough of close-up photography!! 

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, July 18, 2006

Ten dedicated DIGCAM members met on the standing third Tuesday at Parkdale library to show their professional MACRO photographs - not necessarily an easy thing to do. Marco generally means close up pictures of small things. The technical definition is 1:1 (one to one) image size to subject size. Since our digital camera's image size is typical less then the old 35 mm cameras film size of 24 by 36 mm, one sees the life size is about one inch by one and a half inches. Enough tech talk.

John Hoffmann led off with pictures of flower buds and several bugs from the back yard. One pictured a green colored chameleon. Finally, there were a few close up photos of coins the size of a dime.

Bill Draper had photos of flower buds from the Botanical Gardens. Included were the rose of Shannon, Plumbago, and other blossoms with name unknown to me. Bill had a photo of the imfamous 1930 Nazi Iron Cross. He also had some nice photos of butterflies (nice size objects for macro photography).

Ben Luna showed a frog on a green leaf, a green chameleon on a rock plus some butterfly photographs.

Bruce Switalla showed numerous photographs of a sunflower -partial, up close, and almost any other perspective one could think of. Talk about macro size, have you tried to photograph an ant - Bruce did it rather well. Bruce then showed numerous Photoshop enhancements of flowers - try filter/sketch/chrome.

Joan Stephens showed macro picture subjects from her many travels. There was a Costa Rica patch, a stunning gold figurine, and numerous currencies from countries like Cuba, Bolivia, and Guatemala etc.

Patty Beasley must have had lunch with the small things at her Port A work site. She photographed a Mantis, a red caterpillar, a brown tarantula and some sea urchins.

As usual, a good time was had by all.

Next month's photo assignment - pictures you make to sell something on eBay. I did a quick check of regarding selling an automobile. Their advice was to have at least 12 photos, all exterior sides, interior, odometer, and engine. WOW! Good luck, especially if you are selling something.

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