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44. Everything looks different in the dark, and night photography is no exception!

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Digital Camera SIG Meeting, June 20, 2006

Prior to presentations, we discussed future programs, including subjects that would attract new members. The assignment for June was Night Photography, difficult for some of us, but obvious joy in their art for others.

*Ben Luna - Particularly impressive was his photo of Joe's, sort of a phosphorescent red glowing in the dark. The American Bank Building, night-lit, reflecting color in the water. Not only fantastic photography, but evidence of excellent Photoshop-ing.

*Patty Beasley - Patty went to archives - wonderful that she could attend after their trials. Downtown buildings with Christmas lighting, reflecting the holiday colors on the waterfront, exceptionally well done, as Patty does it.

John Hoffmann - A lot of work and interest went into his Padre Island subjects, presented on DVD with nice audio. A service station at night, capturing the overhead lights, lights in unusual architecture, and like a true Islander, great shots of Bob Hall Pier scenes. Kudos also for nice opening and finish, cute cartoons.

*Bruce Switalla - a central theme, the new Whataburger at the new stadium. He set his camera at ready, and waited for things to happen, a car coming by adding its lights to the scene, people entering, light areas with dimmer outlines, nice effects. Well planned and excellent result.

*Ken Parsons - Unbelievable the subjects that can be found around us. Ken panned scenes from his upper back deck, then went to the the front of his house for panning those scenes. Nice composition and a good eye for the good stuff made a remarkable presentation.

*Bill Draper - sticking to his roots, he stayed with Padre Island scenes, Bob Hall Pier, neighborhood lights, gates, and light glints on shrubbery.

Next meeting: July 18, 7 PM, at Parkdale Library. The assignment is Macros, photographing little things.

For the scribe: Bill Draper


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