Photo assignment:

41. Signs!

All kinds of funny, odd, neat, interesting and thought-captivating signs! Check around town; you won't believe some of the creativity - and let's showcase it in our own photographic way!

To view the assignment (really, I didn't mean to pun it, it just worked out that way! <grin!>) ... just click the sign below!

Meeting notes:

The mostly 12 regulars and two visitors joined our CAUG camera SIG on Tuesday, March 21at the Parkdale Library.

Michelle Horine of the Coastal Ben Wildlife Photo Contest started our evening with a great slide presentation showing animal pictures from previous contests. Pictures were stunning, very professional looking. Large reproductions are available. A contest starting in March and lasting through 2007 will have $90,000 prize money. The contest now will feature mostly digital photos taken by professionals and amateurs. Coastal Photo Contests makes many presentations to various organizations and especially to schools so kids can better relate to the environment and develop a sense of conservation stewardship. Coastal has many benefactors and sponsors in their efforts.

In mathematics, we say sine (and cosine) but in CAUG DIGICAM SIG we said SIGN - that was our March assignment a photos of "interesting" signs, billboard signs or just signs, is a tough one, I think!

Ben Luna showed gasoline pumps (Shell) circa 1920s at a weathered country store. He adds humor with his urinal photo including a sign, Please Aim., etc.

Bill Draper took photos of signs in a beauty salon; a HO HO HO sign affixed to a restroom door; also a city street sign misspelled Pionciana.

Drew Jacobs had a neat sign exclaiming "The Catch of the Day". She also showed a very large sign saying NEVER HILARY. Is that a political statement????

Joan Stephens showed a number of sign photos around her Mystic Harbor apartment. No Life Guard and Don't Let The Cat Out. She also had sign pictures in foreign languages (Spanish etc), accumulated in her travels.

John Hoffmann showed a Speed Sign with out a speed number. He also "manufactured," with graphics software, some signs like FOR SALE on a building about to fall over.

Ken Parsons showed photos of symbols indicating His or Her restrooms. These were taken in various countries Ken has traveled. Of course there was the WC for water closet, rather than restrooms.

Patty Beasley had various sign photos from her travels to Johnson City, Pecos, Van Horn Rocky Mountains Pass, Roswell, and other far-off places. For marketing there was a sign - Free Weeds - Pick All You Want. From Pecos there was Home of the 1st Rodeo. She brought Alien signs and UFO signs from Roswell. From Colorado, there was the often-photographed sign of the Continental Divide.

In April we will do a shoot-around at Roberts Point Park in Port Aransas at about our regular monthly meeting time. If you are coming from Corpus and driving around Port A, go through the signal light near the ferry station and drive out to the point. If you are coming from Corpus and driving through Main Street Port A, turn right at the signal light near the ferry station and drive out to the point. We should congregate at the two story observation tower which is just past the tip of the point.

Our meeting time is 7 PM. You might come earlier if more light is desirable. You can also do sunsets about 8 PM. There should be good scenic subjects toward the harbor where the boat are moored, or to the North where the waterway presents numerous views. Practice your compositions, lines, framing, Rule of Thirds, etc.. and we will view your photos during the May meeting. See you in Port A. Hope it does not rain, Ha!

Next meeting: April 18, 7 PM at Roberts Point Park, Port Aransas. Directions and map are on the main page.

For the Scribe - John Hoffmann 


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