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40. Holidays 2005!

It's the holiday season once again, and time once again for our traditional holiday photography assignment. This one's easy, folks. Just take holiday-related shots. There's tons of room for creativity in one of the most creative times of the year, so be sure to keep your camera with you at all times and snap those precious moments that will be lost forever unless you capture them!

Thirteen photographers showed up for the January 17, 2006 meeting of our DIGICAM SIG, two attending for the first time. The January assignment was to be our Christmas photographs.

First, we had the results of our 2005 photo presentation contest. Honors this year go to Ben Luna for his Black and White picture of a sailboat marina. Boats were beautifully reflected in the harbor waters. Most Interesting photo honors went to Patty Beasley for her ICE assignment, showing crushed ice in Petri dish - really neat colors.

Now, on to the assignment! Click here to see Part One.

John Hoffmann showed two video slide shows from Christmas photos of Colonial Williamsburg, He showed traditional 18th century decorations from old town Williamsburg, then photos of decorated houses and yards. Several residents covered their entire yard with Christmas decorations.

Click here to see Part Two; excerpts from Ken Parsons' DVD. Ken presented a video show of his December tour of Germany, with many pictures of cathedrals and churches with their Christmas decorations. Photographs included towns of Nurnburg, Mainz, Koblen, Rothenburg, and Koln. Very nice to get a continental view of Christmas.

Patty Beasley's Christmas pictures included a life-size nativity scene. She had all the people in the laboratory turn out for group pictures - of course everyone had a Santa hat. If one did not have a hat, Patty gave you a digital one.

Bruce showed many pictures taken at the Bank of America Atrium Christmas music performance of tuba instruments. Very colorful and nice group photos. As photos were shown, Bruce pointed out many of the composition techniques one considers when taking pictures. Bruce will illustrate more photo- taking techniques at our next meeting.

Toni Peters showed the group pictures of outcroppings with Indian artifacts, crude drawings and marks, undoubtedly from a remote age. The outcroppings are on private property on the Poncho River in Texas. The owners will not permit anyone to get to within 300 feet of the Indian painting because of vandals' graffiti over a hundred years or more. The paintings can only be seen distinctly at this time of the year. The Indian stories illustrated require expert interpretation and appear to go back in history some 1000 years. Tony worked in ten degree weather, not the greatest time to take outdoors photos. Very interesting.

Bill Draper provided his usual Padre Island home scenes, a decorated boat participating in the La Posada Boat Parade, and a porthole (accessory to a fish tank,) from which Santa hung his white-trimmed red hat.

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