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38. Cloudscapes

Assignment for the October 2005 meeting:  Cloudscapes. Nothing mysterious about this one. Any kind of cloud-dominant images you care to shoot will do just fine.

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The October DigiCam meeting was attended by 12 faithful members. This meeting was for showing of one's CLOUDSCAPES.

Meeting notes of last month omitted the superb pictures and excellent presentation by Joan Stephens regarding her trip to Peru - actually her second trip to Peru. Her People ..were colorfully dressed, and caught in poses of the culture. A porter under load, more than his weight; Joan and the Shaman, Joan photographed in a hair-washing ritual; window washer; weavers in colorful costume, at their trade, the finished yarn, and at the market; teacher and school kids in colorful dress; a potter at his ceramics, beautiful powder-blue jug with pastel accents; and a porter on a green train.

Speaking of trips, the October showing started with Ken Parson's recent trip to the greater Hong Kong area. He had already sent Black & White pictures of numerous Hong Kong skyscrapers. Ken's pictures featured views of the Taj Mahal and all its reflecting pools and adjacent mosques. There were photographs of Macao and Koolan areas, including junks and The Royal Place guard (remember Anna and the King of Siam.) A super neat travel presentation by Ken. This meeting, we had Ken in person to provide a travelogue to his photos.

Pam Bomar showed some Hurricane cloud photos. Some very interesting colors shown. Her cloudscape photos showed clouds through heavy tree cover - really neat perspective.

Patty showed Port A boarding up for Hurricane Rita as well as her packing up cars for the trip to San Antonio. She also showed some NASA satellite photos of the Hurricane clouds - WOW! Then there was a photograph of 13 humming birds at one feeder. Her cloudscape photos included water/cloud mix, brightly sun lit clouds, sunset clouds and one rainbow and clouds (those are hard to get).

Bill Draper showed clouds with reflections off the Laguna Madre. These were taken off his back deck.

Brian Jacobs showed some clouds at night and clouds reflecting off area waters. There were several photos showing telephone lines highlighted via a background of clouds. He also had an interesting/innovative photo of clouds looking up the side of a high rise building. We get better all the time.

Bruce Switalla had some stunning photographs taken out of an airplane window on a recent trip to El Paso. He also had cloud photos with mountains in the background. Bruce then took some photos from the roof of Sunrise Mall which included cloud reflections off ground waters.

DB Kline showed photos of large cumulus clouds taken along Shoreline Blvd and by Spohn South hospital. Included were photos of dark storm clouds. Finally DB had pictures taken from the cockpit of his simulator small aircraft-interesting.

John Hoffmann showed his photo of high cumulus clouds with the early morning sun reflecting on them.

Mira Guion showed clouds brightly lit up by the sun and several photos of clouds that neatly outlined telephone poles and associated wires.

Our final cloud presentation treat was by Ben Luna with his usual superb slide show techniques. Cloudscapes included sun outlined clouds, flowers against cloud backgrounds and sunset cloud scenes. All very breathtaking.

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Bill Draper 


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