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35. Pets

Summers always bring thoughts of dogs chasing frisbees in parks to my mind, for some reason. Never had a dog that would do that, nor did we bring our various dogs to the park, but somehow, the mental image still seems right for a summer's day! And if that wasn't enough of a clue, let me elaborate on this month's assignment -- PETS! Any kind, all kind, exotic or domestic! Check out what our members found lurking about in our own and other domiciles:

The CAUG Digicam SIG met at Parkdale Library on July 19 for the program featuring Pets. Fifteen people attended. Five days before the meeting, we lost a dear friend and member of our group in a tragic accident. Charles William Guion (Charlie or Chuck to us) was a bellwether in both our CAUG Users Group and the Rockport Computer Users Group, and an ardent participant of our CAUG Digital Camera SIG. He will be in our hearts and will remain an influence on all of us. He inspired us to take those extra steps to challenge ourselves. Our hearts and prayers go to his wife and fellow CAUG member, Mira and the rest of his family.

Two close friends, Patty Beasley and Brian Jacobs, produced a memorial presentation in celebration of his life, shown at this meeting. The
presentation can be downloaded by right-clicking this link, then viewing the file on your computer. The file is 23MB in size and is in Windows Movie Format. Please download it first before viewing.

Seven members presented Pets portfolios.

Chuck Guion - Chuck had completed his assignment before his death. These photos are witness to his reaching interests and and his active imagination. He gave us cats, dogs, peacocks and horses in creative poses, like yellow cat Rusty sleeping in flowers, and a horse with Mira, back to camera, in the foreground. We ask that you visit the website for both the memorial message and to look at the work he did for this project.

Bill Draper - With no pets, he presented a story photo. Vet in Baltimore sent this photo of adorable but abused small dog to granddaughter Erin, a childhood friend. This pup per excellent photo could not be refused, so cute little dog, renamed Charlie, became a Draper.

Chumbe Salinas - Titled Kitties from South Texas. She has them in flower pots, colorful dog houses, and a Black and White cat sniffing a Michelob bottle. Very nice close ups, good lighting and detail as in cat whiskers.

Brian and Drew Jacobs - They win the Potpourri category; pairs of cats in contorted poses, outside pets like heron and a fox. Close up of gray cat with unusual green even for green cat eyes, this one a lime green. Then alligators in action, shot in movie mode. All this and good shooting.

Patty Beasley - She shows her office white cat stretched on brown paper bag; great close up of same cat asleep with head cradled on his "arm;" head-on shot, cat looking quizically; then resting in the In-Basket like an office cat should. Patty has "home cats." The calico one photographed asleep in the sink. She concludes with a character photo of her very old yellow cat, Lucky. Class shows!

John Hoffmann - Human interest - newspaper photo of grandson, age 12 and his dog after he fell in reservoir trying to save the dog, and his Hungarian Viszla from the 1960's. He has family dogs in dark glasses, poodle in a Harley hat - nice close ups, and a vacation shot of large fish in New Orleans restaurant.

Susan Fabisch - Photos of "Nasty Cat" in disgusting supine and delighting in flicking the wind chimes. She said, "Reason for not going to meeting - accidentally stepped on his tail and he bit me. Put me in hospital with a bacterial infection, but he still sleeps at the foot of my bed. Love our animals."

Ken Parsons - Undisputed in imagination. With no pets, he did nice photography with pets of the '50s, Pet Rocks personified in playing dead, begging, using a fire plug y'know, in bracelets, tricks with the Hope diamond, and imbibing. His camera also caught wife Sue's 66 Beanie Bears in formation.

Our next DigiCam meeting at Parkdale is again the third Tuesday in August. That would be August 16th and as usual at 7PM.

The assignment is PEOPLE AT WORK. That should be an easy one for most. Maybe Ken can work into a Rock story on this one.

For the scribe . . .
Bill Draper


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