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34. Ice and wildflowers

Ice and more wildflowers were the subjects of our June 2005 meeting. As we had a full program last month, we held off part two of the wildflowers assignment until this meeting, to give photographers a chance to find more of those late-blooming beauties. And as for ice ... wow, that was a challenge, but as expected, our members rose to it and outdid themselves in the creativity department! Check out our results:

Thirteen people, including two new folks were at the June 21st DIGICAM Showing of the monthly assignment came in two flavors: carry over meeting. WILDFLOWERS and ICE pictures.

Wildflower pictures were mostly taken in ones backyard. Pictures by Bill Draper (Widows Tears) , John Hoffmann (Mimosas) , Pam Bomar , and Patty Beasley (big sunflowers) were shown. Patty had some "not so wild" flowers taken at the Botanical Gardens. Some very nice roses, orchids, and plumerias. Ken Parsons flowers were from the Black Hills in South Dakota - crab apple tree, and numerous other blossoms. ICE pictures were the real challenge for this showing. A number of pictures were from recent travels. Joan Stephens has pictures of glaciers and icebergs taken at the Antarctic. Chuck Guion's pictures were taken at an Ice Festival in China. Pictures showed were some very large ice sculptures. Some pictures were taken from the Great Wall. Then there was the ice wall climbing contest.

Now for us stay at home guys. John Hoffmann used food coloring to form various colored ice cubes which were displayed in different ways. Patty showed crushed ice in a Petri dish. Pam photographed an icemaker. Brian and Drew Jacobs shared with us their photos from our Corpus Christi Xmas Eve "blizzard". A tough assignment for all was done rather well I thought.

In the teaching mode, Patty Beasley gave us a demonstration on the free software from IrfanView. The program is fairly easy to use and can cover a lot of activities such as slide shows, bulk handling of picture transfers, general viewing, and some minor but important picture editing. The program can be down loaded from - Click on download and click other download sites at the bottom of the page. Try PC World and click on download. Have at it - should be helpful.

We had a discussion of what the next few months' assignment might be. John Hoffmann more or less arbitrarily selected PETS from the short list of interests. We will use the short list for assignments later this year if no other special assignments appear. The other assignments of interest include PEOPLE AT WORK, BLACK AND WHITE. A great meeting. Thank you all for your contributions. Next meeting is the third Tuesday in July (July 19) at the Parkdale library - 7PM.

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