Photo assignment:

Wildflowers - April 2005 assignment

32. Wildflowers

This has become an annual favorite. Spring in Texas is generally pretty spectacular for the variety, breadth and numbers of wildflowers strewn throughout the state's major highways and many other popular spots throughout the state. At the March meeting, we reviewed tips on shooting wildflowers:  how, where and when. Winter rains have been good this year and though some of the southern regions are starting a bit slow, what's currently peeking up through the grasses indicates we're going to have another eye-busting season this spring! While this year didn't bring the anticipated megatons of wildflowers, the turnout was quite decent. The season started a little later than in previous years, so we'll hold over the assignment for May, with the April-May photos to be shown at the June meeting due to a special presentation on wildlife photography by Dr. Juan Bahamon at the May meeting.

CAUG's Digital Camera SIG met on April 19 at the Library with 17 present, including three who attended for the first time. The Wildflower assignment was expanded to include a Photo Fling at the Botanical Gardens earlier that day.

Bill Draper - emphasized bluebonnets, trying to learn the macro option; arrangements of bluebonnets with other flora, winecups, and a prickly poppy hosting a spider.

Patty Beasley - Her leadoff photo, a macro shot of a perfectly shaped white Indian Paintbrush. Call some of the flowers a botanist's delight, beautiful, dainty and colorful. Sunflower petals filtering the sun; a solid red Indian Blanket, close-ups of prickly poppies - some catching the sky, a mother and young children in a blue bonnet patch. See her Texas-shaped bed of bluebonnets.

John Hoffmann - His signature now is macro shots, and he is good. Background in lantana and prickly poppy photos barely show - brilliant red Indian Paintbrush, bluebonnets, winecups, colorful and in intricate detail. A field of bluebonnets is really blue, more than just the season. And catching a butterfly on a thistle is neat feat. See his roses and orchids, also macros, from his fling in the Botanical Gardens

Drew and Brian Jacobs - gave us exceptional shots of Rockport Cemetery, bluebonnets, phlox, yellow flax and more, against the backdrop of very old live oak trees. A thistle nests a black bug, prickly poppies catch the light; a monument with sharp lines, flowers in front, outlined against the sky; a sharp shot of bluebonnets, Indian Blankets and daisies stands out.

Bruce Switalla - brought the results of his morning Photo Fling at the Botanical Gardens, gorgeous close-ups of orchids and various kinds of aloe vera. Note the way he has obscured backgrounds and the way he uses light to soften and blend the colors. He makes the SLR talk! Be sure to review these.

Chuck Guion - presented his photos in Movie Maker movie, also saved here. See his "new camera," gigantic, from a 1900 photo history. Indian
Paintbrush, in light pinks and celadon; bluebonnets, daisies and flax among the monuments in the Rockport cemetery, and included some macros. He has a shot of a patch of winecups as well as close-ups.

Ken Parsons - had the distinction of subjects being within 200 feet of his house. A neighbor cultivated bluebonnets for years with limited success, sold the house and they came out prolific and beautiful. Excellent macro shots, one with a bee between two bluebonnets, and the bluebonnets are exceptional.

Bruce submitted several photos from Robert Ramert, member of our sister computer users group in San Antonio, PC Alamode. A bed of red and white geraniums; and macros of orchids and a passion flower.

Ken Parsons also showed a movie spoof of Bruce Switalla. The two were together at the Botanical Gardens Photo Fling. He also got in some beautiful photography.

We have a super great treat for those attending our May 17 regular meeting. Dr Juan Bahamon, a Corpus Neurologist, will make a presentation. Juan is well known for his photographs of small animals. He was the first place winner in the HEB snow pictures contest. Dr Bahamon's pictures hang in hallways of medical building in Corpus. His pictures are truly inspirational and really really good.

Juan will speak to us about digital camera work flow. We could all use this information. He will also show some of his photos which is worth the trip to our meeting.

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