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26. Architecture - September 2004 assignment

This assignment takes into account nearly every aspect of what we've learned the past two years. Lines, Composition, Rule of Thirds, Perspective - you name it, it all comes together when man constructs. Members submitted photos of architecture from all over the world as examples. 

Lines - additional photos for August assignment

Architecture - group submissions

Architecture - John Hoffmann lesson on lighting

CAUG Digicam SIG Notes
September 21, 2004 meeting

The CAUG DigiCam SIG met September 21st to share their ARCHITECTURE photos. Sixteen people attended although two absentees submitted pictures (atta boy/gal-the way to go). SUPER entertaining evening.

First, there was a carry over showing from last month's LINES pictures. Joan Stephens showed a variety of pictures including Venetian blinds, iron
fencing, mailboxes, and docks - all with lots and lots of lines.

ARCHITECTURE - quite an assignment which has numerous possibilities. Far too many photos shown to list or discuss so comments are mainly highlights. There was a distinct foreign flavor to many of the photos which have come via the Star Ship DIGICAM. Four DVD slide show Videos where presented. Our group is certainly getting sophisticated in their amateur photo accomplishments.

Bill Draper showed back lighted arches at his home - very beautiful. He also had photos of several high rise building in downtown Corpus.

Joan Stephens started the international architecture trip as we "beamed up" to India. The Taj Mahal. Buddha. Burma Temples. A Red fort building from Lumpur. All breathtaking photos.

Patty Beasley showed architecture pictures taken in Bay City, Texas and Estes Park, Colorado and also an old storehouse in Pecos, TX. She did the honors by showing a picture of the Alamo. Thanks Patty. Finally, she took us on a site tour of Port Aransas showing pictures of commercial buildings with whimsical motif advertising statues and constructs outside. From Van Horn, TX, Patty showed us architecture sculptors of a fire ant and a scorpion. WOW!

Linda Totl show us a stone hut from the 1900s-now that nature's architecture. She also had many local architectural shots like Cole Park,
Caldwell Pier, and the Harte library.

Ken Power's must still be on the ship shooting pictures as he was not at
the meeting. No problem as he beamed us some absolutely beautiful pictures of the Tintern Abby-Wales. What wonderful pictures from a monastery founded in 1131.

Susan Fabisch is somewhere but she beamed over her pictures of Costa Rica and Monterrey Mexico. All these pictures were extremely nice and
interesting. Oh, for traveling with one's camera.

Chuck Guion shows numerous photos via a DVD slide show. Pictures were of Key Allegro , a boat party and Rockport in general. Quit a tour of the area.

Sharron Hord showed us a beautiful dessert plate pictures - very interesting. She had some wonderful shots of downtown Corpus skyscrapers and the Episcopal Church.

Brian and Drew had us touring close to home (no beaming required) with
architecture from Corpus, Victoria, and Refugio. Very beautiful Mansion in Victoria.

John Hoffmann showed pictures of old and new buildings. County court house with its numerous windows was nice. Oakville Jail (1887) has not changed much and shows some interesting architecture of the times. John
demonstrated what 10 minutes of sun time could do for building pictures.

Finally, Ben Luna show one of his really really good slide shows that showed us GHOST TOWN in CA. Numerous buildings all abandon and well weathered. Very nice and very unique. (not shown in slide show; SVCD format)

As a bonus, the folks got to seen Hurricane Frances pictures - not exactly architecture but lots of damage and destruction.

The evening finished up with Patty talking about our next assignment which is BIRDS.

For the scribe
John Hoffmann

Assignment for October 2004:  BIRDS!

Use your imagination on this one. Patty talked more about where to go (Bay Front, Beaches, Co Park ) rather then the how to shoot bird photos. Hummingbird and hawk migrations are now in full progress. Therefore, everything should be going to the birds for the next month.


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