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24. Independence Day 2004 - July 4th

Patriotism is never out of style. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Photographically demonstrate what July 4th and/or Independence Day means to you. One entry unfortunately could not be showcased in our usual follow-up web slide shows. Ben Luna put together a marvelous SVCD for Independence Day about the Pledge of Allegiance. If I can figure out how to stream it, I will try to post it some time in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future.

Independence Day - July 4th- July 2004 Assignment

CAUG Digicam SIG Notes by the Scribe
July 20, 2004 meeting

The Digicam SIG met at 7:00 PM, July 20, 2004, at Parkdale Library for a delightful review of 4th of July tributes and celebrations by our digital photographers. In light of the excellent lesson on making a DVD show previously presented by Ben Luna, John Hoffman and Bill Draper got together to try it. After 10 to 12 hours of studying and practicing, they came up with a very good presentation of Port A Fireworks (dedicated to Ben Luna). They also discussed the software they used, Proshow Gold and V2 of Nero.

Moving back to the mainland, Chuck Guion presented an old fashioned Rockport 4th of July! Then, Patty Beasley moved us back to Padre Island National Seashore where she had digitally documented the dawn release of newly hatched Kemps Ridley Turtles. Amazing that these tiny turtles, hatched in an incubator, knew exactly what to do when released on the beach. Freedom!

Ken Parsons brought us corn from South Dakota with images of intricate mosaics made of Indian corn decorating a building. He showed us the Mitchell Corn Palace of basketball fame, took us to the famous home of Wall Drug and gave us views of the famous Badlands.

Bill Draper was downtown on the 4th and captured people in their 4th finery, the Honor Guard, a citizen flaunting a pair of Flag shoes and a small girl in red white and blue from head to toe.

Among John Hoffman's shots were a high flag on I-37, a hydraulic crane flying Old Glory and the July 4th parade in Mathis as well as the local celebration of fireworks. John said he got his best fireworks shots by leaving the aperture open 2-3 seconds.

Drew and Brian Jacobs captured local citizens celebrating on the beach and playing in the sand and the water and downtown. Judy Henderson took us to a 4th of July party at Aloe Tile showing some interesting fireworks in the kilns followed by the bayfront fireworks. Chuck Guion showed the Stone House in Cincinnati built in 1803 and took us through the Summer Fair juried art show there.

Ben Luna, with the aid of his grandson , presented a beautiful, moving Tribute to America...a reading of our Pledge of Allegiance illustrated by views of our flag, famous paintings from American history, interpretations of the text, and accompanied by the 1812 Overture. Thanks Ben, for a meaningful 9 minutes. Those minutes will stay with each of us for a long, long time!

August Assignment: LINES.

As always, thanks to Patty Beasley for creating and maintaining this site as well as the projection of our digital photos in meetings.

Scribe, Dauris

(Ed. Note: And thanks to our inimitable Scribe as well, for bringing our photos to life all over again through her wonderful prose!)

Assignment for August 2004:  LINES

Using photographic composition techniques, bring in photos using lines to show movement, emotion, or draw your viewer's attention to a specific area or object. As always, above all, have fun! Here are some tips to get you started:


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