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23. Reflections

Creative challenges really get the juices flowing! Finding natural and manmade reflections, our members recorded slices of life from many different venues. Check out the offerings from our members, some of whom even crossed borders to get their shots!

Reflections - June 2004 Assignment

DIGICAM SIG June 15, 2004 Meeting Notes:

June 15 was BEN LUNA NIGHT at the Digital Camera SIG meeting at Parkdale Library. At a previous meeting , Ben had presented his digital production Hawaii, A magical land to a delighted audience. As a result he was asked to share his knowledge and know how and give us all a lesson on producing and presenting programs with our own digital photos.

Ben's lesson began with another feast for our eyes and ears, Haiga, a six and one-half minute VCD production featuring beautifully simple portraits of flowers, each accompanied by an apt quotation and hauntingly beautiful oriental music. Following an enthusiastic round of applause, Ben began his second production, a visual step by step lesson on the process of creating a program. He covered such topics as :

  • Purpose : Why am I doing this show?

  • Who am I targeting?

  • What do I want my audience to walk away with?

  • Content, opening images, body, closing images using only those that tell your story. "An eloquent image needs no explanation"

Length of programs: 15 minutes maximum! (Haiga was six and one half minutes)

Sound Tracks: Use music to support and compliment your message, not detract!

At several points in the lesson, Ben answered questions from the audience and shared the software that he uses. Ben also graciously agreed to share the entire lesson on the Digicam SIG website. Check it out for inspiration and much more complete information. Special thanks again to Ben Luna for sharing his many talents and knowledge with us.

The photographic assignment for the evening was "Reflections". Although Bill Draper was away attending his granddaughter's wedding, he emailed a lovely image ... a reflection of the clasped hands of the bride and groom.

DB Kline captured a boat in the harbor reflected in his window, reflections of Christmas lighting 2002, a grey scale of the Bay Yacht Club reflected in the harbor and the glorious color of a harbor sunset.

Ben Luna showed the reflection pool in Balboa Park in San Diego, reflections of water lilies, a stop action shot of a bird diving into water and his granddaughter's cute face reflecting in four mirrors at the Albuquerque Museum.

Patty Beasley had a unique self portrait reflected in the nosecone of an old airplane and a tufted titmouse (bird) in serious battle with the titmouse in the rear view mirror. Others by Patty included reflections in brewpub copper vats, Chihuly glass sculptures, water birds and marshes, the Bay Yacht Club at night, and a wonderful sunset.

John Hoffman presented blue and yellow kayaks mirrored in the water, the full moon in the water, his daughter's Rottweiler in a mirror, harbor reflections and golden water under the bridge.

Among Susan Fabisch's reflections were a lovely bowl of shells, flowers in a bowl, a man shaving in the mirror, a boat at sunset in golden water, sunlight on a statue and beach birds reflected in the water.

Drew Jacobs caught nice reflections in the downtown area including a great modernistic rendition of Harbor Bridge captured in a window of the Civic Center, an American flag in a window, the old HEB building windows reflecting the old courthouse. There were oohs and ahs for her reflections of the tattoo shop murals.

Sharon Hord went all the way to Mexico for her reflections and found an Aflack duck reflected in a pool, roots of trees in water, and several tropical Mayan jungle scenes.

Just for grins, David Burke also shared a photo he took of the June full moon, shot with his digital camera through the lens of his telescope. David said he'd heard this could be done, but wanted to try it for himself. David (aka The Chief Nerd) allowed as it was quite a rewarding experience. You can see why from the size and clarity of his shot! Good job, Chief!  

 - Dauris, Scribe

Assignment for July 2004:  July 4th holiday! Be sure and check out the links for fireworks and holiday hints and tips on the main page. Have fun!


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