Photo assignments:

22. Action shots!

Not much to say about this one; it's pretty self-explanatory. Anything that moves! Sporting events, kids at play, adults at play, animals, you name it. If it moves, it's a valid target for our lenses. This one might sound easy but it can be a challenge, especially for those digital cameras (most of them!) that exhibit shutter lag. So our photographers had to be careful and creative. From the results our photographers turned in, you'll see that it's well worth making the efforts to get those action shots.

Action Shots - May 2004 Assignment


DIGICAM SIG April 20, 2004 Meeting Notes:

The group met May 18 at Parkdale Library, with the usual enthusiastic audience. The monthly assignment was Action Shots.

The evening started with Bruce Switalla's presentation of computer graphics enhancements for photos. He demonstrated cloning out unwanted features and objects, changing lightness and contrast, cropping, and special effects. Programs involved PaintShop Pro and Adobe Illustrator. Such programs have become relatively inexpensive and can do much to enhance or make corrections to photos. Bruce has recently attended special courses and seminars on the subject and is a good resource person to call on.

Showing of ACTION SHOTS was super great -

Pam Bomar - who would have thought of a pic of granddaughter cutting grandson's hair, or catching hail as it falls and bounces? That's Action!

Bill Draper got a nice gentle background blur of a kid in a go-cart. Great blue herons were caught on and after takeoff, as well as bunches of pelicans.

Chuck Guion's showed a boat blasting off with three BIG Hondas on the back, followed by other action boat shots. He captured the action of a blue heron preparing and swallowing a good-sized fish.

John Hoffman snapped Fast Freddie, a spotted ground squirrel, throwing sand with his lightning-fast sprint and catching background blur - a great shot. A little girl dropped her Easter basket and John got the eggs in the air and skittering. Other great actions shots - seals, dolphins, and a pelican dripping as he left the water.

Ben Luna's eye for beauty reached out on the Bay to gorgeous shots of windsurfers, with masterful composition, lighting, and resolution. We look over his shots and wish we could do what he does.

Ken Parsons broke the mold with shots of his daughter in a tennis game, catching her position on each serve and volley and the ball in flight. Bet the shot of her stretch after the serve, ball a few feet away, made his day. His finale: a collage of his presentation. Very nice.

Patty Beasley submitted a colorful and diverse selection, a young hawk coming to a falconer's glove, martial arts, and shots of Native Americans at a tribal pow-wow dancing, swirling, all in gorgeous color. She had unusually good Beach-to-Bay shots, with the runners sweating and panting but happy after their exertions. Artist at work.

Brian and Drew Jacobs had a potpourri of helicopters, motorcycles, beautiful girls, crashing waves, seabirds, surfers (one looks like Drew), and a horseshoe split seconds from a ringer! Creative, very! very!

D. B. Kline brought his photo contributions from Branson, MO, introducing The Shoji Tabuchi Show, starting with views of the lavish lavatories, then proceeding with a slide show of the program. Lavish costumes, pretty people, creative special effects and lighting, colorful action for sure. D. B. does it different, and well.

John Bell did his action via hands on a dolphin. Somebody's hand is on the dolphin - - so it was John Bell at the camera?

Special (Very Special) presentation for the June meeting. In a preview of his teaching presentation for the June meeting, Ben Luna gave a beautiful slide show performance. In the movement of his slides, pictures overlapped and frames of the pictures faded in and out. Ben's scheme of blending Hawaiian music and beautiful photos is an outstanding work of art and grace called "Haiga". What a joy it would be to emulate this gorgeous work. Ben will teach us how to plan and lay out multimedia presentations at the meeting on June 15. Don't miss it - mark your calendar now!

Assignment for June 2004:  Reflections. Good Luck!


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