Photo assignments:

20. Candlelight. That's the challenge. Shoot by candlelight. Shoot candles in all kinds of lighting and settings. Shoot all kinds of candle holders. Let your imagination run wild! Okay, yeah, this was a toughie. I admit it. It sure didn't seem that tough just thinking about it, but nearly all of us found it a challenge once we set to doing it. The effort was well worth it, though, as you can see by the very imaginative results!

DIGICAM SIG March 16, 2004 Meeting Notes:

The Digicam Sig met at Parkdale Library with an eager group of digital photographers. John Hoffman set the pace with a PowerPoint show (with music) of his 14 day western trip through Colorado, the Tetons, Salt Lake City, Arches, a Navajo Reservation, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canon, Zion National Park and for his grand finale, the wildlife and scenery at Las Vegas. There were numerous questions from the audience and applause at the end. John encouraged fellow DigiCamers to put together a similar travel show. Check with John for more information and a possible viewing date. Pam Bomar shared a photo of our rare hail storm in progress.

Candlelight sets its own mood and is a challenge to photographers. This group was up for the challenge and the show began with Brian and Drew Jacobs' imaginative "Candles & Glass" They achieved beautiful colors and great images.. Among Judy Henderson's pictures were Candles, Fire, & Clocks, then they were contrasted with gray scale versions. She had dramatic views looking into a kiln and a Raku dancer.

Patty Beasley ran tests with various exposures for candlelight, some lovely shots of glass art and reflective glass. DB Kline shared views of traditional candelabra . Ben Luna gave us variety with candle closeups, a candlelit geisha with black background and a lovely rosette candle. Bill Draper gave us angels and wine glasses in candlelight and the patterns of a votive candle.

Joan Stephens illuminated cut glass, then brought us Honduran mahogany holders with candles from her Peace Corp days followed by traditional candles in beer bottles and candles with memento from Africa, Swaziland and Vietnam. John Hoffman's images included a jackolantern, mardigras mask, a Coleman Lantern and full moon duo. The group met the challenge of candlelight and learned much in the process.

The assignment for April 20 is WILDFLOWERS! Patty gave us a quick minishow with reminders of the many techniques and possibilities for capturing wildflowers. Check our web site [] Scroll down through our site to the "wildflower how-to" page for Patty's "Wildflower Tips & Tricks" , current wildflower sightings and some great internet sites for wildflower digital howto and great locations. Thanks again, Patty!

Have fun, avoid fire ants and grass burrs, and leave no trace so others can enjoy the beauty. Email your images to Patty or bring them on a CD to the spectacular April 20 meeting, 7pm at Parkdale Library.

  -- Dauris, Scribe

Click on this link to see the photos for this assignment 

Also, this month (March 2004) we're in the second part of our two-month April assignment, which is to shoot those wonderful Texas (or elsewhere!) wildflowers that pop up all over our highways, hills and homes each spring. This year is shaping up early to be another landmark year in terms of production, so don't wait until the last minute to shoot this one. You'll miss too many great spots! As members bring in locations, we'll post them on the web site for everyone to reference (click here for the wildflower info page!). Just email us, and we'll get the info up asap!


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