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19. Sunrise ... sunset ... brings to mind "Fiddler On The Roof" doesn't it?

Thanks to some spectacular weather fronts coming and going through the Coastal Bend, we've had some awesome photo ops for sunrises and sunsets. A good thing, since that was the field assignment for January 2004. And the response was overwhelming! Nineteen folks gathered to view and share their pics at February's meeting, including several new members who brought pics as well! Thanks to everyone who participated. I think this was one of the most responsive assignments we've had to date next to the wild flowers (nice to know I'm not the only one obsessed with these kinds of shots). For more information on the evening, here's a report from our wonderful scribe, Dauris: 

The Digicam SIG met Tuesday, February 18, 2004 at Parkdale Library with 19 digital camera fans in attendance. The group welcomed 5 new photographers as well as two from Rockport. Leader John Hoffman reviewed some of our past activities for the newcomers and referred them to our web site where our past lessons and photos may be seen (courtesy of our own talented Patty Beasley).

A treat was in store as Ben Luna presented a slide show on Hawaii. When asked if he was from Hawaii, Ben laughed and said "No, San Diego, but my heart is in Hawaii". The beauty of Ben's show proved that to be true.

He prefaced the show by explaining the organization. The first section was called "In the Beginning of Hawaii"; the second was "Rejoicing" and the last was "Hope for the Future of Hawaii". We watched, spellbound by the incredible beauty of the mountains, valleys, the lush vegetation and the awesome power of the beautiful ocean. As one scene dissolved into another, our ears were treated to hauntingly beautiful music. Thanks Ben, if most of us never get to go to Hawaii, we'll always remember the journey you gave us and we will have a greater understanding of the island of your heart. (Due to the size of that presentation, it will not be available on this web site, sorry!)

John Hoffman then started our Show and Tell session of Sunrises and Sunsets by our intrepid photographers. Ben led off with a California sunrise, then two local island spectaculars. Bill Draper followed with an incredible sunrise and cotton candy skies. Chuck Guion's Rockport scenes looked like paintings. Joan Stevens took us from Botswana skies, to Galapagos, to our local Padre Island. John Hoffman whisked us over to Bob Hall Pier, to a foggy sunrise on an Alabama Gulf beach, to Pensacola and back to our own Padre Island for an oil rig, and other local scenes.

That Patty Beasley keeps her eyes wide open was demonstrated by her scenes of lovely light and sky ranging from Port A to Oso Bay and ending with Brown Pelicans in a burning sky. Pam shared some CC bay front scenes and Herman Bell joined in, followed by Sharon Hord with some unique views of Shell Ridge in Rockport, her view from the Hord's home and some from that magical Valentine trip to Port A, ending with a surprising view from the What-A-Burger parking lot! Sharon does her own thing and we love it!

Newcomer BJ, who works with Jack Hord, brought us views from the Airport control tower. We enjoyed an excellent shot of a Continental airliner rising out of early morning fog with the refineries in the background, while another shot showed a Cessna landing in the sunrise. It seems that BJ and Jack have an unmatched view for miles around and BJ's tour was great.

From his home, DB Klein was unable to see the sunset, but never to be outdone, he photographed a brilliant reflection of the setting sun shining in a window of Shoreline Plaza.. Tracy gave us a grand finale of the view from her back yard with some incredible views of a flaming red sunset punctuated by silhouettes of buildings and the shining water taken from her back yard. Aren't we lucky to live in the Coastal Bend with our beautiful skies!

  - Dauris, Scribe

PS We start our third year on March 16. The assignment, to be shown that night, is Candle Light. No rules other then the candle - use your imagination and go for it. Also, start preparing for the following month's assignment - wildflowers. We did this assignment last year and it was super great as the wildflowers were blooming the best in years. Looks like winter rains will favor a great crop of wildflowers in year 2004.

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