Photo assignments:

17. After a marvelous on-site demonstration by guest lecturer and professional photographer Jeff Janko of Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, we were challenged to come up with our own portraits for the October 2003 assignment. As none of us had the lighting setups used by the pros, we did the next best thing and "field improvised" and set up our own lighting conditions as best we could. The portraits came out pretty well and gave us some experience on how to shoot portraits for our own use, making use of materials at hand, ranging from bed sheets for backdrops, home and shop floods for lights, to car windshield reflectors for light reflectors.  

Bill Draper show some nice cropping of portraits

Bruce Switalla did some very nice portrait editing using Paint Shop Pro.

John Hoffmann had portraits using natural light.

Patty Beasley had portraits of a "Chief" and oh yes, one of Bruce

Susan Fabisch had lots of portraits made at Bill Draper's make shift studio

Herman Bell showed portraits taken at the past weekend's Greek festival

DECEMBER ASSIGNMENT: There will be no December meeting but the assignment is to capture Your Take on Christmas and bring to the January Meeting. 

For the scribe,
John Hoffmann

Click on this link to see the photos for this assignment 


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