Photo assignments:

16. Close ups and macros of living things  - Enthusiastic members of the Digital Camera SIG filled the meeting room at Parkdale Library for the Great Macro Show and Tell on October 21. We welcomed new participants Gnion, Files, Sommers, McJunkin and Janik and then the show began! 

Armed with information on closeup/macro photography that we had received at previous meetings, the Digicamers spent October capturing a wild variety of living subjects. We had investigated the immediate, up close and personal worlds we live in through digital camera lenses. Tuesday night we had a great time sharing our finds. 

Ben Luna had blue birds, hummers, flamingos and a beautiful portrait of the lowly jelly fish. Toads, lizards and treefrogs were part of his menagerie. 

Bill Draper captured birds in motion with a super Great Blue Heron and a Great American Egret in flight followed by deer, javalinas and a family of wild turkeys. 

Joan Stevens took us on an African safari where we met an ostrich, lions, elephants, rhino and hippos. Her marvelous screen filling shot of an angry elephant was a heart stopper. Close enough!

John Hoffman captured a variety of wildlife including deer at Choke Canyon, Great Blue Herons in flight at Marker 37, hummingbirds and butterflies at Greenacres (Rockport) and Monarch Butterflies at Blucher Park.

Pam Bomar took us to the Aquarium to visit the new dolphins, stingrays, and otters and then to the country for horses, ferrets, a bearded dragon and chameleon. 

Fearless Patty Beasley took us into her many natural worlds with beetles, butterflies, caterpillars, snakes, gorgeous dragonflies and hummers in flight. We met face to face: Graphite the lab cat; Ranger, the Harris's Hawk; and The Edge, the Peregrine Falcon. Never a dull moment! 

Your scribe also delved deep into Mother Nature to bring in close ups of butterflies, a grasshopper, a snake in the grapevines and a ladybug.

Sharron Hord's menagerie took the prize for variety. It included black and white stink bugs, Charlie the jumping spider trying to catch brine shrimp in the aquarium, Charlie's success, a lady bug, a squirting lizard, and a slug! 

Bruce Switalla introduced us to his praying mantis in a spider lily, in silhouette with a dragonfly and a Whatsis plant with red globes.

Brack Warren brought in a head shot of a gorgeously colorful parrot. 

NOVEMBER ASSIGNMENT: Bring five (5) portraits to the Tuesday, November 18 meeting, 7 pm at Parkdale Library. If you need help, check out our web site and Kodak and other sites on the internet or email a DIGICAM member.

DECEMBER ASSIGNMENT: There will be no December meeting but the assignment is to capture Your Take on Christmas and bring to the January Meeting. 

From the scribe,
Dauris Granberry

Click on this link to see the photos for this assignment (the page make take a little while to load; there are 145 slides for this assignment! Please hang in there, it's worth it!  -webmaster Patty)


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