Photo assignments:

14. Close ups and macros of still life  - The CAUG DigiCam SIG group met on August 19th at the Parkdale Library. Twelve enthusiastic members viewed the results of the monthly assignment which was CLOSE-UPS of inanimate objects. Six members brought five or more pictures. Some of the photographed objects included objects from foreign countries, a small paint brush, glass objects, agates, salt crystals, pottery and many more to numerous to list. 

The viewer reaction became lively when close-up photos which we listed as WHAZZAT were shown. Some were easily identified, others were impossible to identify. In any event, the pictures were just great and the photographers certainly learned much from taking close up pictures, some of which were just an inch or two away from the camera lens.

Hang in there folks, we will take more close-ups. Next assignment, which is due for showing on October 21st (our regular monthly meeting time and place), is close-ups of living objects. Insects, birds, animals which are hard to get close too are prime examples. Avoid flowers as we have been there done that already this year.

Notice I jumped over the September 16th meeting information. That is because we have special guest speaker who will discuss taking Portraits pictures (another close-up subject). The speaker is Mr. Jeff Janko who is the photographer for TAMUCC. He also teaches some photography classes. Be sure to be at this meeting and bring a friend along with your Portrait taking questions or any other photography questions. Should be a super meeting and some hands on picture taking is planned so bring your cameras and your comb.

Bruce Switalla continued coaching us regarding close-ups with his PowerPoint presentation of photo tips. He discussed Panning and background blurring and close-up filters. Great job Bruce. Thanks for doing the homework you shared with all of us.

For the scribe,
John Hoffmann

Click on this link to see the photos (I'm trying something new again!  -Patty)

Contributing photographers (names are NOT linked):

  • Ben Luna 

  • Bob Scott

  • DB Kline 

  • Joan Stephens

  • John Hoffmann 

  • Pam Bomar

  • Patty Waits Beasley 


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