Photo assignments:

10. It's a FULL MOON! Boy, was this one fun! This will be a two-parter, as the assignment involved an on-site field trip to the bay front to shoot the full moon. Mother Nature was considerate enough to send us a full moon on the night of our meeting, on one of the first clear nights we've had here in weeks. 

As the new slide show format seems to be a big hit, we'll carry on with it. This slide show begins with photos submitted by members, and then follows with a little tutorial on how to get shots of the moon. Next month, we'll look at some of the shots taken by our members, along with the wildflowers that will be due for April's assignment. 

Once you've engaged the slide show page, just hit "PLAY" to run the slide show. If you want to pause at any time, simply hit "STOP" and the show will stop on that slide. Hit "PLAY" to pick up the show from where you stopped and it will resume. The show will loop until you tell it to stop again, or return to this Photo Assignments page. Enjoy!

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After our meeting, a number of us went out to the bay front and took advantage of the full moon Mother Nature so thoughtfully provided that night. 

Bruce and Patty were the last to leave the bay front, and got front-row seats at the rescue of four folks from the breakwater. They got stranded out there for several hours before the Marina Patrol got the word and made their way out for a pickup. Interestingly enough, just before the police and fire crews began to arrive on scene, Bruce and Patty noticed the flashlight from their vantage point on the bay front, and Patty managed to get a few photographs of one of the stranded couples as they marked their position for rescuers. It was COLD and WINDY that night after a norther blew through. Those folks were glad to be off the rocks!

Speaking of Patty's shots, you'll notice one of her photos has a double streak running through it. Those are from the wing lights of a passing C-130 military transport airplane! Patty was on time exposure when the transport approached and didn't get a photo of the plane itself, just the wing's light trails as the transport passed directly in front of the moon while the shutter was open. 

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