Photo assignments:

9. Love is in the air! Boy, did we get a great turnout for this assignment. I admit, this one was harder than it looked, but the range and creativity expressed in members' photos made me glad we did it!  

It looks like this new slide show format is a resounding success, so we'll stick with it! Thanks to everyone for their input! Thanks also to Dauris Granberry for her superb scribe skills in recording the highlights of the presentations. 

Just follow the links for each photographer's name to see their assignment results. Once you've engaged the page for each photographer, just hit "PLAY" to run the slide show. If you want to pause at any time, simply hit "STOP" and the show will stop on that slide. Hit "PLAY" to pick up the show from where you stopped and it will resume. The show will loop until you tell it to stop again, or return to this Photo Assignments page. Enjoy! 

John Hoffman's Valentine photos included  images of his twin daughters many years ago and current ones of his daughters and granddaughter.  

Bill Draper showed "love" photos of  his grandchildren and daughter and his lovely wife.

Gary Spenser gave his wife, Phoebe, Teddy Bears, tulips and candy!!!, then made a portrait of Phoebe with her goodies.  

Bruce Switalla's image of his dog was used to illustrate some photo enhancements using the program "Dreamy Creations". Then, using the same program and photos of a backyard party, he demonstrated how the mood of the pictures could be changed using the program.  Ask Bruce about this program!

New member Buddy Stevens gave his wife a beautiful glass rose that he used in several lovely still life images using different lighting. He also used an Adobe program to change an ordinary flash photo into an interesting artistic portrait. Welcome, Buddy!

Dauris Granberry opted for the natural approach, and brought in beautiful photos of birds photographed on her ranch. One cannot look at photos of this quality without getting a warm and fuzzy feeling of love and respect for all living things. Dauris is well known in our group for her outstanding nature photography!

DB Kline had us all laughing with his "Attack of the Chocolate Hearts" image. He also illustrated the difference between incandescent light and the on-camera flash to give different moods to two identical images of candy kisses.  Using some Valentine frames from the Olympus Camedia software enhanced some of his photos.

Sharron Hord and husband Jack celebrated Valentines Day with a "hot date" in Port A and Sharron came back with roses and some stunning photos ... notably, a red  ship emerging from fog as it entered the ship  channel between the jetties,  a portrait of Jack and a resident Brown Pelican on the jetty, love letters in the sand (bird tracks), and a moody sundown shot of a lone gull, waves and rocks incredible light.  

Patty Beasley used candles to add mood lighting to her card photos and even "wrote" with the red light of a laser pointer! She also captured a couple of couples enjoying the sunshine in Port A. and a woman feeding gulls. 

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