Photo assignments:

8. Christmas 2002 - lights and night shots - stretching the limits of our cameras and imaginations. The assignment was to shoot Christmas lights at night, and the field was wide open as to exactly what kind of night lights we got. Being blessed by living in a town with a wonderful waterfront, fully half of us had the same idea (and probably stood in nearly the exact same place!) as we took advantage of that target rich environment! Presentation notes are by John Hoffman. 

I'm going to change the format just a tad, as we are also fortunate enough to have some wonderful scribes in our group, who take notes diligently and provide us with after-the-meeting reminders of what we did and how. I'm going to reproduce an excerpt from January's class notes on the December assignment, as they so fully explain what we turned in. 

Follow the links for each photographer's name to see their assignment results. Once you've engaged the page for each photographer, just hit "PLAY" to run the slide show. If you want to pause at any time, simply hit "STOP" and the show will stop on that slide. Hit "PLAY" to pick up the show from where you stopped and it will resume. The show will loop until you tell it to stop again, or return to this Photo Assignments page. Enjoy! 

BRUCE SWITALLA showed some photos of the Incarnate church in San Antonio. One of the Bell Tower was really beautiful. He also showed some photos of downtown Corpus with nice reflections off the bay waters.

BILL DRAPER showed some nicely decorated homes as well as two beautifully decorated boats from the Island La Posada events.

DB KLINE showed many many pictures. A picture of one house was only outlined by lights – the house and the surrounding skies were all black. A picture of another extensively decorated house was very beautiful. EB also had some beautiful pictures of our City by the Tee Head.

JOHN HOFFMANN showed pictures of nicely decorated houses as well a some pictures taken along Ocean Drive. He also had a picture inside the open air Catholic Church on the Island.

PATTY BEASLEY shared some pictures showing Christmas decorations taken at Carmel Parkway-very beautiful. She also had a photo of a sail boat on the water that was taken at two different light setting – one had only the decoration white light and the other showed the boat and the decorations. She also showed pictures of our downtown city building showing very nice reflections off the bay waters. Ed. If only I could take pictures like that.

JT BARNETT, though not at the meeting, shared two pictures with us that were taken along Ocean Drive. He also had one of a “rhino”. (Editor's note: the rhino is a permanent fixture. It's a life-sized (and life-like) cement sculpture in a front yard on Ocean south of Airline.)

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