Photo assignments:

5. Perspective Pt 2 - everyone photographs an apple - with free rein to the imagination, and boy, did we use imagination! This shoot turned out even better than we could have anticipated!

CAUG Digicam SIG
Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Program notes by Dauris Granberry

Apples were the stars of the evening.  Twenty participants gathered to share their "homework" (five or more images of an apple).  The common apple stimulated the creativity of the group and a riotous show evolved.  Bill Draper's Apple Satellite, Partial Eclipse, Apple at sunset, Apple comet  and Weird apple hovered and floated in the skies over Padre Island. 

Bruce Switalla's various views of red apples on a swanky yellow car were climaxed by an image of a  thin apple core casting a long afternoon shadow across the hot yellow metal.  A feast for the eyes.

JT Barnett demonstrated the effects of the  white balance function on his digital camera with ann an apple portrait, taking readings from red, blue, yellow, etc to set the white balance.  Interesting results.  The concept of white balance became clearer to the viewers.

D.B. Kline featured apples in several beautiful still life arrangements.  He then climaxed his presentation with an "Unidentified Flying Apple" orbiting over the Corpus Christ downtown.

Vacationing John Hoffman sent his apples to Patty for the meeting.  John's apples were photographed in various lights and featured a Big Apple, an Apple Pie, and lastly a beautiful child with an apple on her head WITH AN ARROW THROUGH THE APPLE!  John?

Norm Gigstead's apples brought down the house.  Norm used hanging apples and mirrors and screens for unique views.  One favorite was an apple sitting in Norm's easy chair saying "Where's the remote?"  Another apple, nestled in green grass, queried "You're gonna what?".  A third apple in the grass was about to be driven into orbit  by a fast swinging golf club.  Norm's apples earned a warm round of applause.

Pam Bomar's apples were presented through various facets of Paint Shop Pro.  We enjoyed watching the transformations of the apple into a paint brush effect, a meltdown, and other Paint Shop effects while still retaining its identity as an apple. Good ideas to try.

Patty Beasley delighted us with the Apple from the Garden of Eden, and Apple dancing, Lone Wolf at a powwow with an apple on his head,  Apple Aid and an "apple sauced" spouse.

Dauris Granberry's dog Zeke finally ate her apple, bringing the show to a close.

This next series needs a bit of explanation. The photographer shot the same apple using different settings for his white balance. Some cameras allow manual white balances. Giving the camera different references for white will produce different color tone effects to the image. In this series, the images were shot according to the color balances as indicated under each image. The balances were obtained by using colored paper of the indicated hue (a copy of JT's swatch is below). 
   1 - white

2 -yellow

3- orange

4 - red

5 - blue

6 - tungsten


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