Welcome to the Digital Camera Special Interest Group (SIG). Originally a SIG of the Coastal Area Users Group (CAUG), we've spun off into our own independent group with the termination of CAUG. This site is meant to be a resource site for the photographically interested members, but anyone is welcome to browse and take advantage of information posted on these pages. CAUG went on hiatus in 2010, but DigiCam SIG continues to run strong and meet each month since 2002, thanks to our world class members!

Here you'll find lessons we've learned and assignments we've carried out to implement those lessons. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.


THURSDAY, June 18, 2013
Location:  Judy Henderson home
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

The shooting assignment for the June meeting is PATTERNS! 

June's meeting will be held at Judy Henderson's home. Maps and directions will be emailed to members before the meeting.  

If you use any special sets or setups for your assignment, please show us what you did and be prepared to talk about how you did it. Be creative and push the envelope as far as you dare. Above all, have fun!

HOW-TO: Lessons & PowerPoint Presentations 

Member Articles (expertise from our own) 

Must-Haves Utility Programs (freeware) 

2002-2009 Photo Assignments and Results 

In Memory of John Hoffman, Co-Leader, DigiCam SIG (1934-2007)

Special Assignment! Full Eclipse of the Full Moon (Blood Moon), Oct 27, 2004  

Special Assignment! Full Eclipse of the Full Moon, May 16, 2003  

Interesting videos for fun and stress relief! 

Bruce Switalla places in 2004 San Antonio SIGGRAPH show!

2005 Third Annual DigiCamSIG Awards!

2004 Second Annual DigiCamSIG Awards!

2003 First Annual DigiCamSIG Awards!

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