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AOC Sanctuaries

The Audubon Outdoor Club owns and maintains three sanctuaries in and around Corpus Christi and south Texas:
Fred Jones Nature Sanctuary:
Take the Moore Avenue exit from Highway 181 in Portland, TX. Moore Avenue becomes Highway 893. Go west for 6.5 miles. At the intersection, Highway 893 goes to the right, and Koonce Loop is to the left. (Highway 1074 proceeds straight ahead at this intersection.) Turn left (south) on Koonce Loop Road, go 0.5 miles (one half mile), and the Sanctuary is on the left. Parking permitted only on the east side of Koonce Loop Road. Rules for use:
bulletPlease register when arriving (name, address and date).
bulletLeave restrooms, buildings and surroundings clean and orderly. The man-made improvements are to facilitate your use and enjoyment of the natural environment.
bulletPark only in designated areas.
bulletObtain permission from the Sanctuary Chairman for overnight fires, overnight camping and special group visits.
bulletKeep young children under control.
bulletProperly dispose of or carry out all LITTER from items brought into the Sanctuary.
bulletKeep pets on leashes.
bulletPlease do not:
bulletAlter or damage in any way the natural components of the Sanctuary. The primary purpose of the Sanctuary is to preserve the native animals, vegetation and minerals in their natural forms;
bulletBring firearms, bows, arrows, traps, nets, or other collecting devices into the Sanctuary; and
bulletUse bicycles, motorcycles or motorized vehicles in the Sanctuary.
Louise Trant Sanctuary:
This Sanctuary is a lake on 2+ acres, located on the east side of Highway 77, just north of the highway community of Riviera. The area has been cleared, a sign erected, and some vegetation providing food planted. Some nesting boxes have been erected. The State Highway Department is to improve the parking area. Although small and dependent on rainfall, this lake has a remarkable variety of birds.
Held/Moran Nature Preserve:
This nature preserve is a gift to the club. It contains some 90 acres of coastal oak-lands and two ponds. Proper planning of enhancements will be important in the preservation of this disappearing habitat. General boundaries of the Nature Preserve are the streets of Clearview, Waldron and Mediterranean Streets in the Flour Bluff area of Corpus Christi, TX.
Packery Channel Sanctuary:
Located within the residential area of Packery Channel, the sanctuary consists of 21 undeveloped lots. Enter from Park Road 22 at the sign for Packery Channel County Park and turn right on Sand Dollar. A boardwalk observatory (on Villa Maria Isabel) extending into seasonal wetlands, has been constructed in the midst of several of the lots. The remaining lots of the sanctuary are unimproved and access is difficult. Birding in the Packery Channel area is best accomplished by walking the public streets within the residential area. Please do not trespass on any private property.

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